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Recent Actress Disappearances

Postby ecrivan » Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:31 pm

Recent celebrity deaths have prompted me to write about the violence that is staged against them. My theory is that the media has given them a larger than life appearance and that can hit people in a variety of ways. The spectrum of emotions towards them can be anywhere from esteem and admiration to jealousy and hate. People can want to plaster posters of the actress on their walls to idolize them as they could see them as being unfairly rich. Negative reactions can be blown out of proportion and the actress is then stalked or menaced in public. It would be interesting to know how often men are harassed, but I would think that women are more aggressed because of their appeal to men who might identify with them. The only male case that has occurred recently was that of Versace, the fashion designer who was killed by a former boyfriend, probably due to jealously as was reported in the media. I have been following news reports on women who appear to be more susceptible to aggressive acts, although jealousy and hate occurs for either gender. It appears that when love turns to hate that could be a strong enough motive for hate crimes to be committed, whether the hate was real or imagined.
Rather than look at the psychological aspects behind the motive, I have looked at some of the circumstances related to the motive behind the aggression. From what I have uncovered, it does not appear that the motives behind actress deaths are simply psychological. There are mysterious disappearances that may be due to a lack of investigative information as they may be due to the actress falling out of the limelight and not being the focus of attention. The loss of attention might itself be due to the private lives that these actresses lead away from the camera lens. Other causes to the celebrity disappearance could have been due to substance abuse. There were pressures also within the family that may have prompted the actress to take drugs for consolation. In many cases the actress involved had a vial of pills near her when she was unconscious.Causes of death as for Suzan Bell were also natural, she had cancer which turmed out malignant. Here are some articles of some recent actress disappearances and some details leading up to their deaths. ... aths.89371 ... dies.74192
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