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Journey into Castlot, An Unprecedented Strategy MMORPG

Postby clapalong » Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:39 am

There are new ways to scheme and fight in Power Hosts Technology Limited's newly developed MMORPG Castlot (, which will be the newest addition to the ClapAlong platform. Players can utilize other forms of trickery and deceit to take resources from other players, weaken their opponent's defenses, and besiege lands in Castlot's extensive choices of realistic warfare.

Castlot is set in the early 6th century medieval era during Britain's struggle against the Saxon invaders. The player has a choice to side with the righteous Bright Knights of King Arthur or the formidable Dark faction of Lord Blackmore. As Britain faces the onslaught of Saxon soldiers, the turmoil between the Bright Knights and Dark faction continues to grow. Follow the stories of the heroes and take part in epic battles against other players.

Castlot boasts itself with its innovative combat systems where players can do battle against NPCs, other players and even leagues. The developers worked relentlessly on introducing the conventional turn-based fighting along with real-time combat mode. Players can attack, raid, siege or even loot other players at any time. The game is designed for players who want a highly interactive multiplayer experience where players can cooperate, compete, and use methods of deceit and schemes in battle.

The ruse and ploys mentioned before are Castlot's Ransacking and Ploy system. With these two systems, players can play tricks, sabotage, and cripple an enemy's resources, defenses, and fighting power. For example, a player can place a Goblin in an enemy's Annexed Land to steal resources and currency for them. An enemy can set Traps for an anticipated attack such as that one. A player can poison the waters of an enemy land and lower the population and amount of troops they possess before attacking them. The developers delved beyond the simple structure of building an army and sending them into battle and introduced life-like strategies use in past warfare to bring out that extra layer of strategy that the player can use.

The developers also created a powerful map system in Castlot that makes it easier for a player to read, find their destinations, and execute commands. Players can always find the target castles within their reach with the help of coordinates. It was said by the developer's manager that "If you are familiar with Google earth map, then you will have no trouble using the Castlot map."

There isn't a short in games of all kinds these days in the industry with MMORPGs being one of the more popular ones. Castlot ( a unique gameplay that will appeal to many players and build a strong community among them through cooperation and competition. Castlot will launch its Live Server this October, and you may participate in this Strategy MMORPG of Medieval knights and magic to experience a fresh game-play.
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