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New version of Elfender Coming Soon

Postby clapalong » Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:29 am

Recharge Pack Available
In the new version of Elfender, a Recharge Pack system will become available. If players' single purchase of Diamonds reaches specific amount, they can receive the Diamonds as well as the corresponding Recharge Pack. More bonuses will be granted with more purchases. Under the circumstance of fiercer competition, Elfender Team applies a good idea in recharge stimulation. Players are sure to benefit from this p-romotion.

Roulette Wheel Goes Online
Another new idea of Roulette wheel is to be added in Elfender. There are 8 grids in the Roulette, containing various tools: fashion suits, different kinds of Runes and Gems, Formula, DNA, Diamonds, Vouchers and Cards, Powders, Exp Potion, Parchments at different levels. Players can try their fortunes in Elfender's Roulette. God of luck may smile at someone. If you think yourself a lucky dog, just spend some Diamonds and try here. You may win what is beyond the value.

Below is the introduction of Roulette from official Elfender Forum.

1. Access to the Roulette
Click the small icon of Roulette at the upper left corner in the City interface.

2. Roulette Panel
When you access the Roulette, you can see 8 random tools displayed in the grids.

3. Start the Roulette
Click the Go button in the middle of the Roulette (see the picture above) and spend 100 Diamonds to start the Roulette. Elfender Team also offers an opportunity for players to use Vouchers once per day.

4. Spin the Roulette

5. Receive Tools

6. Refresh the Roulette
Players may feel dissatisfied with the tools displayed in the grids. In this case, players can spend another 30 Diamonds or 30 Vouchers to activate the Refresh button on the right of the Roulette panel. After refreshment, another 8 tools will be displayed in the grids randomly.
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