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Ayurveda – its historical highlights

Postby Carter07 » Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:20 pm

Ayurveda had been the best resort for any kind of ailment during the earlier times. It was the prevalent healthcare system in India and its popularity crossed the oceans and reached various continents. History says that scholars and traders from various parts of the world including China, Egypt, Middle East, America and Europe came to India and learnt about the herbal medicine preparation and the practices and philosophy of Ayurveda about more than 2000 years back. They also started practising this healthcare system in their countries too.

The richness in biodiversity helped India emerge as a nourishing soil for Ayurveda and we will be amazed by the knowledge pool of ancient sages and scholars in the healthcare system. A lot of sages including Charaka, Sushrutha, Vagbhata,, Dhrutabala and Bhav Mishra contributed to this traditional system. You can see that Ayurveda evolved inculcating all the knowledge and experience of the ancient scholars for over thousands of years. Ashtavaidya, the 18 families in Kerala, too contributed to this discipline and there are still some vaidyas and Ayurvedic scholars living in Kerala, who are considered the authority of this science.

With a rich resource of herbal medicine and experienced scholars, India provided the right nourishing ground for Ayurveda and this traditional science has grown to find remedy for almost all diseases. Be it piles ayurvedic treatment, Parkinson’s Ayurvedic treatment or the treatment for more deadly diseases like cancer, Ayurvedic practitioners take a holistic approach to the body, mind and spirit of the patient and such an approach cannot be found in any other healthcare system across the globe.
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