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Valentines Day

Postby qxtake » Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:28 am

Here we go again. All the Valentines Day cards, and candy are already lining the shelves.

But I was happy to see some cute Valentine puffy stickers at Target today- I bought those for my friend Mike who I know will be working on his cards real soon. (Yakalot - expect one with a hamster or penguin. I know he'll send you one.)

1. What stores have you been to so far this year that have their Valentine items out right now?

2. Do you buy anything Valentine Day related?

3. Do you think candy taste better just because it's presented in a Valentine Day wrapper?

4. Has anyone ever bought you a heart shaped box of Valentine Candy?

5. If so, how long did it last?

6. Are you the kind of person that puts holes in those chocolates and then leaves the ones you don't like for someone else?

7. you eat it anyway and just keep eating them until you find that fudge filled one you were looking for?

8. Did you exchange Valentine Cards in school when you were a kid?

9. Have you kept any Valentine Cards through the years that have sentimental value?

10. What is your favorite Valentine candy?
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