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Castlot, the Next Big Thing in MMORPG

Postby clapalong » Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:20 am

Last week, I happened to have a chance to play Castlot (, the latest game coming to ClapAlong, on its Open Beta Test (OBT).

The game is set in the medieval Britain where the kingdom is divided into two factions—the Bright and the Dark, led by Arthur and Lord Blackmore. As the Saxon invaders sweep across the kingdom, both Arthur and Lord Blackmore want to unite the kingdom to fight off the invaders. But the seeds of discord between the two were sown generations before.

It's a free browser game with no download required. The introduction of a number of new features such as the Goblin System, Ransacking and Framing system, and other enhancements really sets it apart from traditional MMORPGs. Other than the conventional turn-based combat mode, it also incorporates a highly realistic real-time combat mode to enhance gaming experience. For example, you can fight against NPCs and other players in Arena in turn-based combat mode while battles against NPCs in Instances are set in real-time combat mode. The fighting and resource production system have also been improved to match those of the most advanced browser games with plenty of other new features.

• For months Castlot ( is undergoing changes and optimization. Now its first server is ready to kick off this November. Every MMORPG enthusiast may find what they are interested here.
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