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Transferring music from iphone 4 to itunes

Postby Cora » Tue Dec 13, 2011 6:21 am

iPhone 4 is just about the fashionable smartphones deputation in this particular year, not only because this can be a good smartphone, but also caused by it is produced by Apple back on the legend great person Ken Jobs.

Most of us are own iphone now, and we like to get many perfect music to our iphone as a way to convenient us to have fun with this from evrywhere and each. But we usually meet problems that is we rub out our music on computer or itunes outside of sudden, so how can most of us put that songs here we are at itunes or computer fom our iphone?

In fact, the way can be quite easy, because it simply just need us to press 'transfer purchases from iPhone' with 'File' selection on itunes soon after we connect our new iphone 4 to computer. thus, we can easily easily transfer all songs from iphone to itunes or computer system immediately.

However, some of us are not realize how to process it with that way or they are can't can see this way or their songs on iphone are not bought by itunes store, so how should we solve this.

Hmm, in truth, if we meet of which difficult problem, I think we need to use ipod to computer, because it helps us to transfer new music, videos, pictures, ebooks along with things between iOS equipment like iphone4, ipod hint, ipad 2 to computer from 1 another. and it is said that on this way we can simply to complete what we would like to transfer between iOS equipment and computer or itunes.

Acceptable, if you are keen on this method, I recommend someone to visit transfer music from iphone 4 to computer.
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